Its development was focused on achieving ergonomic operation, ease of use, flexibility and adaptability. It is a program that evolves in accordance with your business needs and substantially improves the effectiveness of retail applications.

Your goals are our goals

Reflexis© belongs to a broader family of products in an integrated, open environment which provides unlimited possibilities for managing goods, suppliers, purchases, stores, warehouses, etc. One of its advantages is the gathering of valuable information at numerous levels, which can then be used to facilitate the drawing of conclusions and the setting of strategic targets.


Your 24/7 assistant

Reflexis© is ergonomically designed and user friendly, so operators easily learn and quickly become familiar with its environment. Of particular importance is the program’s database and OS independence since this considerably simplifies the installation process.

Take control

One of the application’s special features is the high level of control it gives to users, including remote operation. In addition, it enables the video monitoring of the checkout area (cash register, cash drawer, cashier, receipt, customer, etc.) by means of a camera.

Unique technical characteristics

The Application Server affords uninterrupted communication with the database, while the POS Server enables a reliable exchange of data between the application and the POS via TCP/IP. Its innovative design means it can be further developed by the business with numerous tools, such as the configuration of Import & Export files for interconnectivity with third-party systems, the creation and design of commercial documents, shelf tags, etc. Clients can even intervene with regard to POS messages and operations.

The necessary subsystem for the operation of checkout counters (POS) has been developed in such a way that all basic functions are embedded in the core application, while all other relevant parameters (e.g. hardware, software, GUI, messages, etc.) comprise different levels of the application. In practice, this means that the operations of one client are not transmitted to another, while at the same time eliminating the need for frequent upgrades, unless a core modification is required (e.g. in the case of tax changes).

Application scope

Companies & Branches:

  • Storage facility management
  • Multiple collections
  • Different item collections
  • Multiple price segments
  • Multiple price lists

Offers / Promotions:

  • Simple (special price offers, Period & hourly offers, value and volume discounts)
  • Combined offers (Mix & Match, Multi Buy etc.)
  • Promotions, brochures, etc.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Manufacturers, Buyers, Seasonality, Sets and relevant statistics

Cashier balancing


  • Fast, flexible, comprehensible and easy to configure
  • Configurable Import & Export
  • Numerous functions for making optimum use of ASCII files and database tables for accurate information matching
  • Application security with roles at the level of the database table field (visible, non-visible, read/write)


  • Purchasing Documents
  • Document transformations
  • Inventory Reports
  • Inventory (also using POS)

Mobile terminals


  • Customer/Supplier reports
  • Customer/Supplier balances
  • Customer balances
  • Stock aging
  • Cost Of Goods Sold / Profit & Loss

Central Management

  • Synchronization of store databases (price changes, point changes, etc.)
  • Centralized management of promotions
  • Remote configuration of stores

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