The purpose of the application is to effectively meet the needs of retail outlets and facilitate workflow by significantly reducing errors.

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The system

It is based on the Reflexis Store system of applications, which in addition to full POS functionality also offer exceptional system security and availability. The role of the store server is, on the one hand, to gather information from customer service points/POS and, on the other, to carry out the store’s other processes via Reflexis Store, such as the issuing of commercial documents, labels and reports.

With features such as ease of use, high operating speed and low cost, this effective tool also organizes retail stores in an integrated fashion.

Customer service points are specially designed to ensure quick service and the Reflexis POS application makes optimum use of POS systems such as the Wincor, IBM, NCR. Its main functions include Retail Sales using barcodes and tax codes, returns, discounts, sale with VAT content and sale in categories/groups.

Reflexis Retail is a flexible application for the integrated organization of retail stores. It is adapted to the needs of each client and is very user-friendly.