Every project we undertake is viewed as a new and unique one. Working closely with our clients, we design reliable and highly customized solutions, adapted entirely to their operating and financial parameters. Our products fully respond to the demands, needs and goals of each individual client. Our aim is to simplify the day-to-day running of your business, ultimately saving you time and money. Each problem you identify may conceal an even bigger one that hampers productivity.

Our extensive experience in the retail sector and the emphasis we place on keeping abreast of new global trends enables us to offer high quality, innovative products. These products meet all client needs in the most flexible and reliable way, providing retailers with tangible advantages.

Who we are

Cubit – Technology at your service

We are Cubit. Driven by a passion for technology, we provide services that are the result of cooperation, research, long experience, but also imagination… for we constantly imagine new ways to make your work both easier and more constructive.

We are committed to ongoing training because technology is constantly evolving. We are always open to proposals because requirements change and we unceasingly consider ways to further improve your business operation.

We strive to become better and we invest in the future so as to be in a position to offer the best possible solution for your future needs too.

We love detail and this is where we believe our comparative advantage lies. By examining your systems, we identify those details which obstruct the work flow and propose bespoke solutions.


Cubit – Bringing you tomorrow’s technology today

We are dedicated to helping you realize your vision. Through our products, your ideas about development and advancement become reality. The solutions we design for your business make its day-to-day operation much easier. We believe in the power of technology and help you harness it in a practical, flexible and reliable way.